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Six days to turn underdogs into winners.

I arrived in the US to prepare the unfancied US Falcons for the IRB North American 4 Tournament (NA4). In just six days I helped shape players who were vying for international honours beat a Canadian team boasting nine internationals. And here is how. 1: Be prepared, be professional With only six days before the

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How the New Zealand Maori beat the Lions

Jim Love was assistant coach to Matt Te Pou, and together they masterminded an historic victory for the New Zealand Maori against the British Lions in June 2005. This was the first victory for New Zealand Maori over the Lions in seven attempts stretching back to 1930. The final score was 19-13. Jim lets us

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Culture,Protocol and Teams

Building personal protocols Protocols are the accepted mode of behaviour in certain situations. We have “ways” we do things, in our approach to preparing to play and playing rugby. Before the start of the season, these should be agreed upon by the team and the management. Though they are not “laws”, the consequences of breaking

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Learning from Maori culture

One of the key themes that coaches at all levels can learn from the top class speakers is the importance of culture and environment on performance and success.

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“The coaching course offered by the academy provided me with an insight as to how rugby should be played and has equipped me with the tools to take the teams that I work with to new heights – from youngsters just starting their playing careers and needing to understand the basics to the seasoned campaigners in the Senior’s needing to be reminded of how simple the game should be played and why good techniques is so important. I learned so much in such a short time thanks to the excellent teaching styles of Jim and Darrel. Consequently, I would personally recommend a course at the academy both for coaches that have limited coaching experience as well for those with more extensive knowledge.”

Ted Chapman. Florida, USA