Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the climate in Rotorua?

Daily maximum temperatures of 20-27 C (68-78F) in the summer months and around 10-12 C (50-55 F) during winter.

When does the rugby season start?

Pre season games start in February and the 2016 season goes from March to August.

How fit should I be?

The fitter you are the easier it will be to concentrate on your rugby skills, however we do provide a full strength and conditioning programme.

What shall I bring?

Will my UK mobile work?

Your own mobile phones can be very expensive here so we recommend to buy a prepaid sim card in NZ.

Accommodation and Meals

Your host family will provide you with dinner and weekend meals. We have a range of home-stays you can stay with.


Any injuries suffered outside Academy will need to be covered by your own insurance. Travel insurance is NOT covered in your programme cost. Please ensure that you make the appropriate arrangements for your personal insurance before arriving in New Zealand. Any visits for injuries to a physiotherapist covered by ACC will cost $25 for the first visit then $20 per visit thereafter. Non ACC treatments will cost $55 for the first visit and $50 thereafter.

Transfers to Rotorua:

We recommend, where possible that when booking flights, you book for your flight to arrive into Rotorua airport. This is entirely up to you as we can arrange a shuttle to transfer you from Auckland Airport to Rotorua. We suggest this as it is a 3 ½ hour shuttle journey as opposed to a 45 minute flight and you may have to wait for other passengers. Please ensure that your flight details are provided ASAP so we can make the appropriate arrangements for your arrival and departure.

There are now flights direct on Airnz from Sydney to Rotorua.

Money (Currency etc)

To convert currencies visit As of June 13 the British pound is equal to NZ$2.017 Euro=NZ$1.595

Getting around:

The city centre is less than 5 kms from Neil Hunt Park, most homestays are within walking distance to the park and are on the local bus routes, schedules can be found by visiting