Rugby League Courses

Domestic Rugby League Courses

The NZSA’s Domestic Rugby League course offers full time career and rugby development coaching opportunities for young men and woman.

The NZSA harnesses the natural talent of young rugby players in a cultural environment that encourages every player to realise their potential both on and off the rugby field.

Our Domestic Programme offers New Zealand’s only full time Career & Sports Development opportunity for young sports people. The programme has four core strands. Supported by our Charitable trust, Te Kaihanga Sports Trust, the Trust assist us to deliver the Sports Development Programme, Culture and Life Skills Programme.

What does the course cover?

The NZSA’s Domestic Rugby League course offers full time career and rugby development coaching opportunities for young men and woman.

The Rugby Development & Culture course for 2015 includes:

1: Professional Rugby League Coaching & Training

  • TechniquesLatest techniques in rugby coaching
    • Innovative skill development training
  • Team AttackSequence plays from set pieces
    • Understand field zone & positional plays
    • Counter attack

attack - web

defence 1 - web


  • Team DefenceMarker, Line, Positional defence
    • Tackle selection
    • Grapple

defence - web









  • Individual Positional TrainingRoles and Responsibilities
    • Connecting
    • Understanding attacking options in zones
    • Reading oppositions attack & defence
    • Counter attacking options
    • Defensive position & options
  • Individual ball skills
    • Passing and receiving
    • Kicking
    • Evasion techniques
    • Ball in the air
    • Leg drive in contact
    • Ball into contact situation
    • Tackle ball options

skill - web









  • Personal Physical Testing
    • FitnessSkrum - web
    • Speed
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Skills
    • (All testing will be recorded & monitored throughout the year)
  • Specialist fitness & speed training
  • SWOT on Individual performances
  • Personal weights programme
  • Rugby psychology & motivation

2: Live Domestic Rugby Competition

  • Game Plan/Analysis & Recovery
  • SWOT Analysis-individual performances
  • Bay of Plenty Baywide Rugby Competition
  • Northland Club Rugby Competition

3: Cultural Awareness & Tikanga

  • Marae Tikanga
  • Mahi Kai
  • Te Reo
  • Waiata/Haka
  • History
  • Waka ama
  • Rongoa
  • Cultural Exchanges with Overseas Students (Manaakitanga)

4: Mentoring & Personal Development

  • All Black/Māori All Black & Super 12 mentors
  • Sports Psychology
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Media skills
  • Player contracts
  • Life Skill
  • Goal Setting
  • Team building activities
  • NZSA Sports team competition
  • NZSA students mentoring and coaching young rangitahi
  • Fundraising activities


The Rugby League Career Programme

Students are offered the choice of four career options where they will study at Rotorua or Wellington providers’ campuses. The National Certificate in Sports Leadership Level 4 is generally delivered in the morning time slot in conjuction with Te Wãnanga o Aotearoa.

Rugby League Career programme 2016 includes:

National Certificate in Sports Leadership Level 4

Provider: New Zealand Sports Academy
Description: 1 year full time
1. Entry is for students aged between 17 – 25 years of age.
2. Students must demonstrate commitment to sport and fitness.
3. A personal interview is required.
4. Hold a NZ Birth Certificate or NZ Passport

Course Fee: To be advised (but we expect them to be around the $1,350 amount)
Money Matters – What Will It Cost?


The total course fee for 2015 was $1350 and we expect 2016 to be around the same. You may qualify for a student loan which allows you to borrow money to finance the cost of the course. All fees must be paid for by the start of the course.

Student Allowances and Loans

Apply early to ensure that you start receiving your allowance or loan when the course starts. Visit for more information.

Students Emergency Fund is available for students who have financial difficulty at some point that affects their studies.

Recruitment for 2016 – Do you think you have what it takes?

We are looking for Rangatahi who are passionate about Rugby League and people willing to travel the road to success, committed to building their own future and proud of who they are and who they can be.  Register now and email ([email protected]), or post the Player Registration form to us at PO Box 5146, Rotorua, 3015, or contact the NZ Sports Academy on 0800 377 455  now for more details.

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“My experience at the New Zealand Sports Academy was amazing. Not only in terms of rugby, but learning, living, and being enveloped in the New Zealand way of life. Coming from America and living in a rugby culture, you realize what rugby is all about. The fast pace New Zealand style of rugby is unique. Anyone who is interested in playing rugby in a different country should not consider any other option; the New Zealand Sports Academy is the place to go.”

Timothy Lew, USA