Key To Skills

The Philosophy of New Zealand Sports Academy

“It’s all about the skill, not the drill”

  1. Understand the Biomechanics of every skill.
  2. From understanding the biomechanics of the skill it’s very easy to design drills
  3. Learn the key techniques:
    1. Balance
    2. Coordination
    3. Power
    4. Speed to achieve optimal performance
  4. Understand the art of detecting the “error” in a skill and fix the skill
  5. Feedback through analysis from each individual’s assessment.

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“My experience at the New Zealand Sports Academy was amazing. Not only in terms of rugby, but learning, living, and being enveloped in the New Zealand way of life. Coming from America and living in a rugby culture, you realize what rugby is all about. The fast pace New Zealand style of rugby is unique. Anyone who is interested in playing rugby in a different country should not consider any other option; the New Zealand Sports Academy is the place to go.”

Timothy Lew, USA